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The Brentwood Imperial Youth Band is a registered UK charity; consisting of both male and female young people from the age of 10 playing a variety of instruments. The objective of band is to give young people the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to perform as part of a team in public. The band was originally founded in 1990 as a marching bugle corps of drums and has since evolved into the multi-functional and fully chromatic band that it is today. The bands versatility sees it performing as both a marching band and a concert band at domestic and international events throughout the calendar year.

The band accepts both beginner and competent musicians, without any pre-entry requirements. From the first day of their membership the band develops new members musically, with aural music skills, as well as training them how to play instruments whilst marching.

The adult staff who organise the band, including the teaching staff, are all unpaid volunteers, comprising a mixture of professional music tutors, accomplished amateur musicians and keen hobbyists. They all share a common passion and enthusiasm: to make the band the best that it can be.

The band is based in Warley (Essex) on the former site of the historic British Army barracks. The band’s facilities, known as “The Band Room”, include several classrooms, a music library, a drill-hall and a concert hall.

The bands operating costs are financed by the bands own fund raising activities, which include donations received for performances. In addition, the band also receives contributory financial support from its own members, parents and other organisations throughout the year.

Who can join the band

No musical proficiency, experience or instrument ownership is required to be able to join the band – the only requirement is that each individual has an appetite to learn, a willingness to succeed and be capable of working in a team. We operate an open door and are passion to deliver music for all.

The minimum age for band membership is 10 years old. Exceptions to this criterion are made on a case-by-case basis and require the approval of the band trustees.

At the age of 18 musicians take on leadership roles by becoming band instructors.